5G is incredibly appealing, and for a very specific set of customers t shirt pokemon it could make sense to spring to get a new phone in order to have those massive download speeds samsung a3 hoesje available to you. But unfortunately, the 5G coverage areas personalizzare cover iphone for both Verizon and Sprint are small and still relatively spotty compared to the swaths of LTE available at this point.

Further to cover iphone 6s resistenti the coverage point, Verizon and Sprint don’t actually have any migliore cover iphone 8 overlapping 5G markets yet. So even if you were to cross custodia 5s iphone shop these phones, willing to cover iphone 5c jordan switch carriers to get 5G, the choice would have to be made first and foremost based on cover samsung s6 a libro where 5G coverage was available in relation to where you live, work and travel not the phones themselves.

If you’re on Verizon or custodia cover samsung s9 Sprint already, have the money to burn, and have a reasonable expectation of spending time in the handful of places where one or the other has 5G coverage, then they’re fine phones to buy. But if cover iphone sughero you don’t see the value in spending so much extra for a relatively small benefit, the Galaxy cover iphone 6 black S10+ and LG G8 they’re based on are great phones that can be hand for hundreds less.

But if you’re willing to switch

If you have to have 5G, the Galaxy S10 5G is your better choice here. cover samsung tablet s5e With the realization that you may not use 5G for months after cover iphone 7 wish buying the custodia cover iphone 7 8 se2020 phone, the Galaxy S10 5G offers a better daily tiger cover iphone 8 experience than the LG V50 it has a better screen, software and cameras, which all make a far bigger difference than network capabilities.

On the network side, Verizon has the advantage in the long custodia cover huawei p20 lite run. Even though you may not have access to a 5G network today, there’s a better chance on average that Verizon will reach you with a consistent 5G network in cover samsung s7 edge clear view the future compared to Sprint. Unless you live in one of the areas where Sprint has already announced its 5G rollout, Verizon’s more likely to get that network cover samsung galaxy j6 2018 to you whether it’s actually soon or a couple years from now will depend greatly on where you live. But that Verizon network cover a pois iphone 5s is also more likely to be there, on average, when you travel as well…